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SQL Injection Repairs

SQL Injections are one of the most frequently offering security vulnerabilities currently happening on the internet today.  A SQL injection is an injection of maliciously written code that someone appends to a URL or post to your website that gets executed by the database layer of your application.  When the database executes your regularly programmed code, it also runs the “injected” script on your database.  SQL Injections can database your database by deleting, editing, inserting or reading your data.  With a SQL injection, someone could easily bypass your login form and obtain access to data that no-one should see.  Also, another common occurrence on the internet is for “spammers” to  run automated scripts that seek out vulnerable websites and to insert code into those sites which link to viruses, adult content, phishing sites, etc…

At Intrafusion Technologies, we offer services that help prevent SQL injections to your website, and if you’ve already been attacked, we will work to stop these attacks and help cleanup and restore your database.

If you haven’t been attacked already, consider yourself lucky, and contact us so that we can review your website.  If you have been attacked in the past, but have cleaned up the injected data, please understand that your only cleaning up the mess and that unless you find the vulnerable scripts, your still susceptible to attacks.

Its like someone finding your keys and robbing your house.  Unless you change your locks, they can always come back with your keys and walk right in the door.  Protect your website and your data, contact us and let us examine your application.

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